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Below are services that GECC provides through our stellar partners.
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Accounting Solutions

The Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce has partnered with Hudson Accounting Solutions, a trusted provider of comprehensive bookkeeping and client advisory services, specializing in efficient bookkeeping solutions, virtual CFO services, and tax preparation.

With a mission to drive business growth and enhance profitability, Hudson Accounting Solutions has become a reliable partner for businesses seeking financial expertise.

GECC’s dedication to accuracy, transparency, and tailored solutions has allowed us to assist numerous clients in streamlining their financial processes and achieving their goals through our partnership with Hudson Accounting Solutions.

Hudson Accounting Solutions has achieved significant milestones, transforming the financial landscapes of numerous businesses. Some of their key accomplishments include:

1. Streamlining Financial Statements: They have successfully assisted clients in cleaning up their financial statements, ensuring accuracy and clarity. By organizing and optimizing financial data, they have enabled businesses to make informed decisions based on reliable information.

2. Target Setting and Forecasting: Their team has helped clients establish meaningful targets and develop accurate financial forecasts. By leveraging industry expertise and data analysis, they enable businesses to proactively plan and allocate resources effectively.

3. Efficient Tax Return Preparation: They have consistently delivered precise and timely tax returns, ensuring compliance with tax regulations. Their focus on maximizing deductions and minimizing liabilities has provided clients with significant financial benefits.

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This service is brought to you by Hudson Accounting Solutions. Available for Members & Non-Members.

GECC and Hudson Accounting Solutions


Brand Communication & Marketing

Through a partnership with The Personifi Group, the Greater Eastside Chamber of Commerce offers innovative brand development techniques to turn your vision a reality. We specialize in comprehensive brand analysis, innovative content design & management, small business development, strategic communication, creative marketing, oratory delivery (comprehensive writing and public speaking), self-imagery, web refresh, and lead generation.

Our motto is “It Starts With A Vision.” Let us turn your vision into reality at GECC with the help of The Personifi Group.

To learn how to sustain your business with the Personifi Brand Strategy, CLICK HERE.


Branded Merchandise

Build and expand your brand with customized merchandise. GECC is offering customized & personalized branding of merch and promotional products for small businesses.

Branded merch is great for:
– Sell as an additional stream of income
– Prizes for contests
– Donations for raffles and giveaways
– Gifts for customers and clients
– Items to bundle with your services
– Vending, expos, and popup shops

Popular products are:
– Mugs, coasters, tumblers, glassware
– Apparel (t-shirts, hoodies, sweatshirts, sweatpants, tote bags, etc.)
– Shipping materials (poly mailers, shipping boxes, tissue paper, etc.)
– Gifting materials (gift bags, tissue paper, etc.)
– Decor (napkins, chargers, etc.)
– Etched/engraved glassware

Need items personalized for a family event or celebration (i.e. graduation, wedding, baby shower, holiday, etc.)?
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This service is brought to you by The Nrgy Brand. Available for Members & Non-Members.

Branded Merch GECC

Mastermind Accelerator

Mastermind Accelerator powered by Denise B. Lawrence & Associates

This is a 6-month program that is driven by a mastermind intensive program. The ideal candidate for this program is a business founder who wants to double last year’s revenue in 6 months and jumpstart a 7-figure scaling program through a mastermind accelerator program.


  • Maximum Group Size is 12. No industry duplication. Nationally focused
  • A strategy session to get clarity and action steps for YOUR plan.
  • Open hours for coaching and strategy sessions every week.
  • Daily quick live check-in call, Monday through Friday (except holidays) – We call it a Business Devotional where you share quickly what you are working on that day.
  • Bi-weekly group mastermind meeting for one hour to tackle a burning issue, get feedback and keep it moving.
  • Three, one-hour-sessions or 6, 30-minute sessions over 6 months with our team of experts to get feedback, strategic directions, connections, and advice.
  • A private Facebook page to learn, share, network and grow.
  • Tools, Resources, Connections in Real Time – We bring the urgency you need to make things happen.

To determine if our programs are a fit for you and your business, book a strategy session with a member of our team CLICK HERE

Self-Mastery Coaching

As a business owner or entrepreneur, your personal development is the cornerstone for your professional success. For example, time management, effective communication, self-awareness, emotional wellbeing, work-life balance, etc. are all critical areas of focus. Self-mastery coaching covers all of the above and much more.

Additional information:
– 1-on-1 private sessions
– Group coaching sessions
– Staff coaching for your employees
– Virtual sessions

To begin working with Nrgy, “The Self-Mastery Coach” today, CLICK HERE!

This service is brought to you by Nrgy Speaks Life. Available to Members & Non-Members.

Coaching Graphic for GECC

Solopreneur Program

Solopreneur Program powered by Denise B. Lawrence & Associates

This is a 12-month program that includes courses and access to live help from the Strategic Team. The ideal candidate for this program is a business owner or solo owner who wants to earn at least six figures over the next 12 months and who is not ready for a mastermind accelerator program.


  • Course with instructions to create a business plan that includes a 3–5-year cash-flow projection, Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats (SWOT) analysis, and Marketing plan.
  • Access to businesses to network with, weekly operational training, and an on-demand training library.
  • A Monthly Group Mastermind Experience with other members of the Solopreneur Elevation Program.

To determine if our programs are a fit for you and your business, book a strategy session with a member of our team CLICK HERE