• Arts & Entertainment– This committee will oversee working with our Gwinnett Film Office to learn what business opportunities are available to our members when productions are produced in This committee will also oversee fostering relationships with artists, entertainers, and entertainment venues.
  • Marketing & Media Committee– Will be responsible for organizing media and marketing events that will help promote the chamber and our members.
  • Tech Committee-Will be responsible for identifying opportunities in It will also be responsible helping our members leverage technology to streamline and grow their business.
  • Legislative Committee– Will be responsible for working with local, state, and national government officials to address concerns that are important to our members.
  • Financial Committee-This committee will be over anything that has to do with identifying financial and funding opportunities that will help our members acquire the necessary tools and resources to grow their business. This committee will also be responsible for identifying sponsorship opportunities for the chamber’s annual gala.
  • Event Planning Committee– Will be responsible for collaborating with the other committees to help coordinate our events. Each department will host at least one event a year and that department will work hand in hand with the event committee to create an amazing experience.
  • Young Game Changers– This committee is for our 21–35-year-old game changers who are doing amazing They will host monthly events that focus on things that are important to them. There will be networking and opportunities to connect with mentors and peers.
  • Women’s Business Circle– This committee is focused on uplifting and supporting women in business. The committee will also focus on fostering collaborations between the women in our organization.
  • Home Business Connect-This committee is focused on supporting and connecting those entrepreneurs who run their business from home. Many times because of time constraints they don’t get a chance to get out and network. This is why we felt like it would be great to connect with them via Zoom. This will be a monthly Zoom meeting that is open to all of our members that will last for 90 minutes. We will need someone to chair the committee and a co-chair just in case the chair can’t make it.